Choosing the right Carpet

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right type of carpet such as colors, textures and styles.
Basically there are three types of carpet construction loop pile, cut pile and loop and cut pile.

The loops have been cut to make individual tips in a cut pile carpet. Cut pile carpets are manufactured in great variety. This makes them suitable for any house or building.

With a loop pile carpet, the carpet loops are not cut therefore the loops form the surface of the carpet. Loop pile carpets are very hard wearing, making them suitable for high trafficked areas such as hallways.

In a loop and cut carpet there is a combination of the previous two carpet styles. This type of carpet can range from very outstanding patterns to delicate carpet designs. Loop and cut carpets are manufactured in various colors and patterns they also hide dirt well.

Carpets for the home are generally made from four types of fibers or mixes of those fibers wool, polyester, nylon and polypropylene. Tradition wool carpets are the most expensive but they are less stain resistant than their synthetic carpet counterparts. Generally the synthetic carpets are highly durable compared to a traditional wool carpets.

When choosing the right colour for your carpet you will need to consider the following:- maintenance, size, mood, colour, pattern and texture. Light colours produce a spacious look. Dark coloured carpets create homely effect. The dark colours will absorb the light whereas light ones will reflect the light. Light coloured carpets will easily show up dirt and are harder to clean. It is normal to install a carpet colour at least slightly darker than the surrounding walls.

Post Author: Juan Banks