Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Keeping your carpet in tip top condition isn’t always easy. Heavy traffic alongside pets and children can mean that your carpet doesn’t look quite as good as it should. Not only that if this situation is left unchecked you could be faced with a shorter carpet life than you thought.

Thankfully, there is a solution available in the shape of reliable carpet steam cleaning services provided by Target Carpet Cleaning.

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Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning
Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits of steam cleaning, there are also a number of other benefits.

Often referred to as hot water extraction, the process of steam cleaning includes hot water being sprayed deep into the very fibres of your carpet. These are then sucked back up along with dirt and grime. It is usual that a cleaning solution is added to the hot water to aid the removal of bacteria and dirt.

Our professional service will help to re-invigorate your carpet, not only giving it a fresh look but also removing deep seated grime. Keeping the carpet fibres clean can be a very effective way of reducing wear and therefore extending the life of your carpet, even in heavy traffic areas.

Helping Get Your Bond Deposit Back
Soiled carpets are a sure-fire way of a renter losing their bond deposit. Over the course of your lease it is only natural that the carpets pick up dirt and grime. Unfortunately your landlord might not always see it the same way so why risk losing your bond deposit? Book our quality cleaning services prior to moving out.

Professional Deep Clean from the Experts
We appreciate that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. We will begin our steam carpet cleaning services by a full analysis of your carpet. During this time our professional cleaners will take note of any high traffic or heavily soiled areas.

Your carpet is then prepared for cleaning using our hot water extraction method, removing ground in dirt and debris. Our powerful truck mounted cleaning system will extract the moisture back from your carpet. Even during the final drying stages you can use your carpet again, although we recommend not wearing outdoor shoes

Post Author: Juan Banks